Kunjugi Toko

Kunjugi Toko

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Boldly go where no bladed jig has gone before! A partnership between Z-Man and Freedom Tackle, this bait combines Z-Man’s patented, industry-leading bladed swim jig design with Freedom’s proprietary advanced interchangeable hook design. Unlike other ChatterBait models, the ChatterBait Freedom bladed swim jig allows for easy weedless rigging with a variety of soft plastic trailers, as well as more lifelike movement of the skirt and trailer thanks to its swinging hook design. Like other Freedom products, the bait is easily customizable, and hooks can be changed quickly and simply to provide the perfect match for various trailers and fishing scenarios.• Patented ChatterBait bladed swim jig design• Stainless hex-shaped ChatterBlade with new extra-strong quick clip line tie• Swinging hook design allows for weedless rigging• Proprietary Freedom Tackle advanced interchangeable design allows for easy hook changes and customization• 5/0 long neck VMC hook holds silicone skirt and allows for easy rigging with a variety of soft plastic trailers• 1/2 oz weights———————————————————-DK Sports sebagai distributor resmi Z-Man Fishing lure. Mohon pilih varian jenis lure sesuai dengan yang diinginkan. Produk yang dikirim sesuai pada pilihan varian yang tertera pada invoice.CHATTERBAIT FREEDOM 1/2 OZ (1BOX = 6 PCS) terdiri dari enam varian1. CHATTERBAIT FREEDOM WHITE 1/2 OZ (1BOX = 6 PCS)2. CHATTERBAIT FREEDOM CHART/WHT 1/20Z (1BOX = 6 PCS)3. CHATTERBAIT FREEDOM BLKBLUE 1/2 OZ (1BOX = 6 PCS)4. CHATTERBAIT FREEDOM GRN PMPKN 1/2 OZ (1BOX = 6 PCS)5. CHATTERBAIT FREEDOM BLUE GILL 1/2 OZ (1BOX = 6 PCS)6. CHATTERBAIT FREEDOM TFIN SHAD 1/2 0Z (1BOX = 6 PCS)




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