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Kunjugi Toko

Kunjugi Toko

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Clear Sale !!!Exclusive @ Sports CenterRaket Badminton Lining G-force EXTRA STRONG Plus merupakan Raket inovasi terbaru dari Lining dengan berat 86g bisa tarikan hingga 35lbs+. Retail Price : Rp. 899.800. Item Code:AYPN172-4 Color: Dark Grey / CopperMaterial:Carbon Fiber Weight:W3(86g) Handle Size: G5 / S1. Balance Point:300mm Shaft Solidity: Flexible Mega High Tension:≤35-38LBS Head Heavy Racket BalanceEXTRA Slim ShaftHighlight: 1.High Tensile Extra Slim Shaft 2.Aero Tec-Beam System,the Racket frames have extreme low drag conefficient and high intensity to enable the player’s performance in various shots 3.Dynamic-Optimum Frame,the Sweet point extends upward and hitting point is moved higher,the effective defense area is enlarged for severe smash by dynamic-optimum frame.The hitting velocity is improved considerably with widened stringing area and increased bounce strengthTersedia 4 pilihan warna dengan tipe berbeda TETAPI Material dan Teknology sama- G-force EXTRA STRONG Plus 8000- G-force EXTRA STRONG Plus 8200- G-force EXTRA STRONG Plus 8800- G-force EXTRA STRONG Plus 8900** Bonus selama persediaan masih ada: Kaos Olahraga Match ( warna random) size bisa request di keterangan dari S – XXL.Stok Clear Sale Sangat terbatas. Buruan Sebelum kehabisan. Regards, Sports CenterAuthorized Distributor Lining Indonesia




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