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New Raket Badminton Victor Drive 7K / DX-7K


Rp2,374,000.00 Rp1,899,000.00

Kunjugi Toko

Kunjugi Toko

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DRIVE 7K — Raket 2019 Sports Center merupakan Authorized Dealer Victor di Indonesia. Hanya menjual original 100%. Berikut merupakan raket Victor Drive 7k merupakan raket tipe terbaru 2019SPESIFIKASI =Weight / Grip Size3U / G54U / G5String tension LBS≤30lbsFrame MaterialHigh Resilient Modulus Graphite+Nano Fortify TR+HARD CORED TECHNOLOGYShaft MaterialHigh Resilient Modulus Graphite+PYROFIL+ 6.8 SHAFTRetail Price 2.374.000 disc jd 1.899.000Free : Protection Bag Victor +String VictorRegards,CV. Sports CenterAuthorized Dealer Victor Indonesia




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